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Potato University

Education for Nutrition Professionals

Potato University is an online education platform helping registered dietitians leverage their expertise by gaining insights into how potatoes fit into a healthy diet. Below you will find a list of featured courses dedicated to teaching nutrition professionals about the role potatoes play in the health of all people. Available courses are approved for various CEUs (continuing education units).

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Featured Topics

Defining Quality Carbohydrates

Learn about addressing consumers’ confusion about carbohydrates because not all carbohydrates are created equal.

Dietary Patterns

Learn about potatoes as a nutrient-dense vegetable that delivers health and wellness benefits across every stage of life.

Fueling Stages of Activity

Learn how potatoes in several forms (fresh, frozen, dehydrated), deliver different fueling options before, during, and after exercising or participating in a high endurance activity.

Science and Research

Learn about the latest scientific research available about potatoes.


Is Potato University in-person or online?

– Potato University is 100% online.

What is the cost to attend Potato University?

-There is no cost to attend Potato University. It is a 100% complimentary program.